Pizzas + Calzones

*Menu items and prices may vary by location.

No one does thin crust pizza and calzones like Rosati’s. Whether you want deep dish or double dough, we have options! You can choose from one of our 7 specialty pizzas or create something all your own. We also have vegetarian and gluten free choices! When you choose Rosati’s, you’re choosing quality. Our dough is a blend of flour grown in the Midwest, while our sauce is created from a family recipe. We only use fresh cheese and sausage made daily in Chicago. Our vegetables are grown in California and all our pastas are imported directed from Italy. We won’t ever sacrifice quality and that is what makes Rosati’s stand out from everyone else.

Our thin crust, deep dish and double dough pizzas are perfect for family nights, game nights and sleep overs, while our calzones are perfect for on-the-go meals and after concert celebrations! Our pizza and calzones are perfect for homecomings, goodbyes, midnight snacks, leftovers and lazy days. Our customers are what makes Rosati’s great. It’s not just the ingredients that are important, it’s the people.

Menu items may vary by location. For complete menu offerings and prices, please visit the location’s landing page.

  • Build Your Own Pizza

    Choose Your Crust

    Our signature - light, flaky crust is always crispy
    & golden brown, perfecto!
    Small 12" - Serves 2 (12 Slices, 120 cal/slice)
    Medium 14" - Serves 3-4 (16 Slices, 110 cal/slice)
    Large 16" - Serves 4-5 (20 Slices, 120 cal/slice)
    Extra-Large 18" - Serves 5-6 (25 Slices, 120 cal/slice)

    Our own creation, slightly thicker & featuring a unique hand-rolled edge
    Small 12" - Serves 2 (12 Slices, 150 cal/slice)
    Medium 14" - Serves 3-4 (16 Slices, 150 cal/slice)
    Large 16" - Serves 4-5 (20 Slices, 160 cal/slice)
    Extra-Large 18" - Serves 5-6 (25 Slices, 150 cal/slice)

    Chicago's famous deep dish is a buttery crust filled with mounds of mozzarella cheese & topped with chunky pomodoro tomatoes. Please allow extra cooking time
    Small 10" - Serves 2-3 (6 Slices, 400 cal/slice)
    Large 14" - Serves 4-5 (8 Slices, 350 cal/slice)

    Available at select locations. Please contact your location for availability!
    10" Thin Crust - Serves 1-2 (6 Slices, 200 cal/slice)

    *Please know that we practice caution and proper procedures when preparing our gluten-free items and do our very best to ensure a final gluten-free product. In consuming our gluten-free products, be aware that there still may be a chance of cross-contact or cross-contamination. Guests are advised to consider this information as it relates to their individual dietary needs and requirements. A pizza made with a gluten-free crust, but still prepared in a common kitchen has a risk of gluten exposure. Rosati’s Pizza is NOT a gluten free environment.

    Choose Your Toppings*

    Italian Sausage (580-1740 cal)
    Pepperoni (350-710 cal)
    Canadian Bacon (100-280 cal)
    Meatball (320-720 cal)
    Bacon (850-1700 cal)
    Grilled Chicken (350-740 cal)
    Italian Beef (190-420 cal)

    Mushroom (20-45 cal)
    Onion (35-80 cal)
    Green Pepper (120-270 cal)
    Black Olives (130-310 cal)
    Green Olives (190-430 cal)
    Tomato (90-230 cal)
    Fresh Garlic (80-170 cal)
    Sautéed Spinach (70-180 cal)

    Extra Cheese (180-460 cal)
    Anchovies (100-180 cal)
    Banana Peppers (15-45 cal)
    Hot Giardiniera (45-80 cal)
    Jalapeño (20-50 cal)
    Pineapple (110-220 cal)
    Feta Cheese (300-610 cal)

    *calories added to cheese base


    (920 cal) Crisp baked Italian turnover with
    Rosati’s pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese
    & choice of ingredients.
    Served with a side of marinara sauce (70 cal)

    Add Up to 4 Pizza Ingredients (toppings at additional cost) (adds 10-430 cal)

  • Rosati's Specialty Pizzas

    (200-220 cal/slice) Gourmet Italian sausage, mushroom, onion & green pepper


    (350-380 cal/slice) Gourmet Italian sausage, meatball, pepperoni & bacon on top


    (250-270 cal/slice) Gourmet Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper & black olives


    (200-210 cal/slice) Gourmet Italian sausage, fresh garlic, onion & Rosati’s hot giardiniera


    (140-160 cal/slice) Mushroom, onion, green pepper with tomato on top. Vegetarian


    (160-170 cal/slice) Olive oil, fresh garlic & sautéed spinach with tomato on top (no pizza sauce). Vegetarian


    (200-220 cal/slice) A blend of Rosati's pizza & BBQ sauces, topped with Canadian bacon & pineapple


    (440-510 cal/slice) Gourmet Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper, Canadian bacon, meatball, black & green olives with tomato and bacon on top